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A bit earlier than first planned but that’s how adventure goes. It now continues in Amsterdam. Who knows where it will lead me tomorrow. However, sooner or later i’ll come back to you, Morocco. Insha’Allah. Shukran Bezaf!

Handmade in Morocco

A little summary of my hunt for the right ingredients to knit some beanies while i’m here.
I started with the wool and pigments i came across in Essaouira. Homedyeing the wool worked quite well (purple beanie) however, the color faded a bit already after one day in the sun and i think the yarn is too thick and irregular.
In Marrakech, after asking more than a handful of people, i found better material. 2-Ply yarn, both natural / uncolored and colored in several nice shades. (the last 3 beanies)
Next thing is improving my knitting techniques..

Bio Riad M’Hamid

Bio Riad Bounou M'HamidAfter a tough start of the Agniculture Zagora project, this is the new location, and name..

Le Potager Bio

Le Potager Bio is a permafarm dedicated to provide people living in the area of Casablanca with biologically grown vegetables. They have a waiting list already..

Happy Valley Ait Bougmez

East of Marrakech

Food Forest Paradise

We found the food forest!! Better said, Dario found it.. It’s in Paradise Valley, close to Taghazout. I’m talking about the 2000 year old food forest shown by Geoff Lawton in the video i posted earlier on this website.
In these pictures you can see the variety in fruit trees; dates, oranges, pomegranate, carob, bananas, olives, avocado and more. Mixed in are crops that the local farmers are growing; potatoe, cauliflower, carrot, courgette, grapes, wheat, barley and beans to name a few.
Inside the forest the atmosphere is very calming and empowering. Sunlight finds its way through the roof of leaves provides by the trees. Cool shades and warm, sunny spots find peace next to each other.

Lalla Abouch – Essaouira

Thank you Lucrezia for the most amazing workstay on your beautiful BLED!

Dario’s pics

Thank you Dario, for a beautiful month of roadtripping, working, chilling and enjoying life to the fullest!

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